What is a balance trainer and how do I use it?

A balance trainer is basically a piece of wood used to balance over some type of curved base, such as a PVC pipe or air filled ball. Ghetto-board.com bases are very durable PVC pipe that allow for a smooth ride over most flat surfaces.

The basic use of the balance trainer is pretty simple. Stand with each foot at either end of the board and to try and balance enough to not let either side of the board touch the ground.

Why should I purchase a balance board?

There are lots of reasons to own a balance board and it all depends on what you enjoy doing. If you exercise using a balance trainer you can add to any daily work-out routine. It is used to develop balance, motor coordination skills, weight distribution, core strength as well as lower body strength and dynamic balance.

Some other uses for balance boards

  • Surfers – Practicing style and foot placement (think hang-ten and hang-five)
  • Gymnasts – Leg strength and over all balance
  • Skaters – Practicing moves and foot work
  • Weight Lifting – Incorporating weights while balancing
  • Enthusiasts – Goofing off with friends, balance contests.